All our classes are disciplined and we will do our best to motivate and challenge you to push yourself beyond what you thought you could do.  It's our goal to help you become stronger in mind, body, and spirit.  ​

Most of our formal classes are structured into 6 parts.

  1. Stretching and Warm Up: It's important to stretch properly before doing any strenuous activity. We recommend coming a little early to stretch before class.  

  2. Fundamentals: These are the basic building blocks of Martial Arts. Stances (foundation), Striking, and Defending Techniques are learned here.

  3. Poomse: Poomse are memorized patterns designed to help us remember techniques and how to apply them.

  4. One Steps: This is the most basic level of sparring.  There is no contact and the techniques are all purposely predetermined.

  5. Free Sparring: Sparring is one of the best ways to prepare for a self defense situation.  We practice controlled contact (not pulling back) sparring.

  6. Closing Exercises: We like to work hard then work hard some more.  After a tough class, we push a little longer.

Classes are high energy and fun. All fitness levels are welcome; whether you have been exercising forever and are in great shape, or never exercise and want to get into shape, you will be challenged.  The beginners class is for all experience levels, those who have never done any martial arts to those who've been in it for years.

TYKE Kwon Do: for 2-4-year-olds, this class is specially designed to introduce your little ones to martial arts and help them improve their balance, motor skills, and more.  We encourage play and having fun but also mix in the principles and techniques to lay a foundation for future taekwondo training.  

Advanced Chung Do:  this class is for green belt or higher students seeking to hone their skills in order to advance toward their black belt.  Although structured similarly to family classes, these work outs are much more intense with more complicated techniques.

Chung Do Kids: this program for 5-8-year-olds was developed to teach your child not only martial arts but important character traits that will help them throughout their life.  We focus on building the mind, body, and spirit by emphasizing listening skills, respectfulness, good self-esteem, and more. 

Adult Class:  this class is for individuals 18+ of any rank/experience level to get fit, increase flexibility, and balance, relieve stress, and have fun.  Although structured similarly to family classes, we place more emphasis on conditioning and strength training.

Family Class: this is a class for anyone 9 and up.  Each class includes stretching and warm-up exercises, fundamental stances and techniques, as well as sparring exercises.  Occasiounally students are divided based on skill level while more advanced students help train others on techniques they have already mastered.

Performance Team Practice:  our performance team or “demo team” is another class which meets separately and trains for high-action performances and Taekwondo tournaments.  This class is available on an invitation basis only.

Self-Defense Classes: NOVA also offers practical self-defense classes for all ages.  These classes range in times and are scheduled periodically with limited space.  Special-focus self-defense classes offered include women’s self-defense and an anti-bullying self-defense class for kids.  We emphasize real-world scenarios, threat assessment, easy-to-remember techniques, and more.  If you are interested learning more about or finding the next scheduled self-defense course, please contact us or stop by the check-in desk.